Skate Canada Mandatory Wavier

Every Skater, Coach and Volunteer is required to complete a Skate Canada Assumption of Risk and Waiver prior to getting on the ice. Please take the time to review the document, sign and date pages 2 and then select the appropriate checkbox(s) on page 3. You are required to hand in the completed form when you arrive at the rink for your first ice session and before you get on the ice.

The waiver is valid for the entire 2020-2021 season and will not need to be completed again unless there is an amendment or the Skater has changed the programming category, for example, moving from CanSkate to Power Skate or CanSkate to STARSkate

Completing page 3 of the document.

CanSkaters will select:

 CanSkate programming and activities

Power Skaters please select:

 CanPowerSkate programming and activates

STARGroup, Junior STARSkaters and Senior STARSkaters will select the following boxes:

 STARSkate programming and activities
 Competitive Skate programming and activities Athlete Development seminars, training and camps Assessment Days & Events

If your STAR Skater is also a Program Assistant they will need to also select the following box:

 Acting as a Program Assistant for Learn to Skate programming and activities offered by
the Medicine Hat Skating Club.

Our superhero Volunteers are also required to complete this form. For those of you that volunteer on the Board of Directors, during any of our Showcases, Test Days or Family Skate nights, BINGO’s or Casino.

 Volunteering for or with the Medicine Hat Skating Club, including, but not limited to:
• Volunteer opportunities related to training programs or events offered by the Medicine Hat Skating Club
• Social events organized by the Medicine Hat Skating Club
• Volunteer opportunities offered by the Medicine Hat Skating Club at outside events or locations, including but not limited to Bingos and Casinos

If you do not fit any of the listed categories please select “Other” and write whatever best describes your connection to MHSC. This will allow you to stay and watch practices in the bleachers.

**If you are doing private lessons with MHSC and Platinum Star please select “Other” and write Platinum Star as the description.

Wash Your Hands