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PreCanskate is an introduction to skating for our very young skaters. In the PreCan session, our goal is to get the children moving, getting up on their own and to view skating as a FUN activity.
Skaters are taught in a lightly structured group formation by Club Coaches and Program Assistants (PA’s) due to the age and ability of the child. We use music and toys to make the session a playtime on ice. Our Coaches and program assistants are not there to hold a child or pick them up but to teach the techniques for the child to do independently.
Skating can be a scary experience for small children and all children progress at different stages. As parents, please have patience and watch your children and the session develop.  Helmets with a face mask are mandetory.

In the beginning weeks kids will lay, crawl, try to “break out” of the open gate and cry.  This is all very normal and expected.  This is like learning to walk all over again and the floor is pretty slippery!   Give them time to adapt as they will be frustrated that they can’t just “go” and you may be frustrated they aren’t learning as  fast as you would like to see, but you will be amazed at how quickly they do figure things out.  Just give them praise every chance you get even if they crawled or cried as it’s a huge accomplishment to just step on the ice.  Plus for many, this is their first kick at doing an activity and being “away” from mom and dad.  We had several offers from parents to go on the ice with their kids, but due to insurance for this type of program we cannot do that, but your gestures were greatly appreciated!

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