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It is our goal to work with players of all ages and abilities on the key components of power skating to become a superior skater!  In doing so, the positive result is that all other aspects of their chosen game will dramatically improve.  Our “hands on” approach in a variety of “customized” programs will zero in on each individual for skill correction techniques that are tailored to their specific level.
Our “high quality” program focus in “mastery of edges and knowledge of correct technique” will include game scenarios and the use of pucks/rings which in turn will help these athletes “reach the NEXT level” in their careers!  The lower the coach to skater ratio, the more enhanced and expedited the program becomes.





Gay Began a skating career at the tender age of two!  She has a competitive figure skating background; competing in the Canadian National Championships in the 1970’s, then touring for Ice Capades, a professional ice show. 1987 saw her as one of the charter coaches for the Cypress School of Skating in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  Gay is NCCP Level lll Certified.
    The passion for instructing power skating began in 1987, leading to the title of Course Facilitator for CanPowerSkate for Alberta/NWT-Nunavut in 1994.  Skate Canada recruited her, along with Bruno Delmaestro from British Columbia and Brent Carty from Ontario, to expand and revise the CanPowerSkate program in 2001.  She travels all over western Canada and the NWT to certify coaches to teach the program – “a few hundred” to date!
    Gay presently coaches at the Notre Dame Hockey Academy, Redcliff and Irvine Minor Hockey Associations, Medicine Hat Minor Hockey Association. She is also currently working with Medicine Hat Ringette Association, Brooks AA Badlands Longhorns, Alexandra Middle School and continues an annual project in Eston, Saskatchewan. Her passion for helping athletes “be the best they can be” brings a great deal of fulfillment to life!  Presently she coaches numerous individuals privately, some playing at the WHL and NHL levels.



MJ has been a Professional Skating Coach for 30 years. She is NCCP Level 3 Certified, CanPowerSkate Certified and has recently completed the Skate Canada “New” CanSkate Certification process.
MJ has worked with skaters in all disciplines.  She is in her third full season on the coaching team with Platinum Star Power Skating.
    In her own words – “I love to skate – sharing my passion for a ride on the glide”!



Katina has been skating since the age of 4. She skated competitively and is currently NCCP Level 2 Certified and CanPowerSkate Certified. After taking a brief break from the sport, we are “thrilled” to welcome her aboard, as SHE TOO LOVES TO SKATE!


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