“Hi Dana,  I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all the coaches for being so great .  This was our son Aidens first year and before these classes he had never even stepped on the ice.  Everyone was really good to him. I’m sure we will be seeing you again next year.” – Ellen Laing

“We would like to thank  Dana for the email updates.  A big, big THANK YOU
to Roxanne and her team.  We remember when Darren started the program, he
could barely stand on skates and couldn’t stop at all.  Roxanne told us we
would see an improvement after just one class.  After that one class I
attended his hockey game and there he was standing straight up.   I didn’t
even recognize him.  It was amazing.  This program is outstanding and we recommend it to
anyone who will listen.
Again thanks to everyone, can’t help but think the program wouldn’t be
nearly as great if it weren’t for the skilled instructors who share their
knowledge and experience. we really believe in this program and the instructors create a wonderful environment that allows the students to be successful.   -Sincerely Jackie Murray”

“Hi Dana, I just wanted to say thank you on behalf on my daughter Elsa.  During the Christmas Party, one of your daughters (the one with glasses and she was wearing the Talons hoodie) was pushing Elsa with the Skating-Aid. We know she didn’t have to do that but we really appreciated it. All the Junior Coaches are performing beyond their call of duty and they should be praised and recognized for that. Congrats Junior Coaches !!! Tell your daughter that Elsa talked about being pushed by one of the coach all the way home in our minivan. She really liked it.” – René Desgagnés


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