Injury & Illness Reimbursement Policy

Accident Claim form for injuries that occurred on the ice during one of our Skate Canada Programs.

  1. For a form please contact the Club office by phone or email at
  2. Injury/Illness Reimbursement Policy:
    • The injury or Illness must be a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks.
    • You must present a Doctors note.
    • The request for reimbursement must be made within 14 days of returning to the ice.
    • If reimbursement is granted, it will be in the form of a bursary, not a cash value.

What is a Bursary? A bursary account can be set up, for either the reimbursement purpose or for those who chose to work Bingos. We keep track of money that members have received and the bursary can only be used to apply to registration fees, coach fees or test days wherever applicable. This can be accumulated over a period of time, of which if no activity has been recorded in 2 years, the account will be closed and the money in it will be absorbed by the club.



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