QUESTION: My child wants to start skating and has never skated before. Where do we start?

ANSWER: It depends on the age of your child. We start as early as 3 in the Pre-CanSkate Program. If your child is 7 years or older, he or she may feel more comfortable in the CanSkate program in PreCanSkate classes with younger, smaller children. This will be at the coach’s discretion. Skaters are constantly assessed by the Coaching staff and will be moved through the programing groups as the class objectives are met.

QUESTION: How is my child evaluated?

ANSWER: Skaters are constantly being evaluated by the Coaches each lesson. If a Coach feels your child has the skating abilities and skills to move to a different level, you will be contacted. Therefore, your child may not be kept in the same program for the entire session (or season). Skaters receive badges as they progress and report cards at the end of the Fall session (at the last class in December) and again at the end of the Winter session (at the last class in March).

QUESTION: What if I have concerns about the Coaching of my child?

ANSWER: Please talk to one of our Coaches directly. While we have Program Assistants on the ice helping out, the Coaches should be consulted for any concerns. Our Coaches want to make skating a very positive experience for your child(ren) so if you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to approach them. Alternatively, you can stop by the office and speak with our office staff or write a letter to the Board of Directors.

QUESTION: My son wants to play hockey. He’s never skated before, but I want to put him in Pre/Jr CanPowerSkate?

ANSWER: Pre/Jr CanPowerSkate is a coach-recommended program. If your child has never skated before you can start him or her directly in the Pre/Jr CanPowerSkate Program, however, we recommend they begin in the CanSkate program and moved up to Pre/Jr CanPowerSkate when the coach(es) feel they are ready.

QUESTION: When do lessons start?

ANSWER: MHSC offers classes all year. All our winter programing begin in October with the exception of our STARSkate program that starts mid September and a Pre Season Power clinic in the first weeks of September. We offer a Spring StarGroup and STARSkate sessions as well as a Summer sessions for all groups. Please see the PROGRAMS section of the website for more detailed information.

QUESTION: What equipment does my child need?

ANSWER: All CanSkate skaters need skates (either figure skates or hockey skates depending on their preference), a proper fitting CSA approved hockey helmet (with the mask), ski pants, a warm jacket and mittens that won’t stick to the ice. We recommend warm clothing as the rink can be quite cold; however, the helmet, skates, and mittens are mandatory. All CanPowerSkate skaters need full hockey gear and their own stick.

QUESTION: Can parents go on the ice?

ANSWER: No, parents are not allowed on the ice unless they are registered with Skate Canada and have the permission of the Coach. We have several Program Assistants to help with each session. 

QUESTION: What forms of payment do you accept?

ANSWER: Cash, Cheque, E-transfer and Credit Card

QUESTION: What if I missed the registration dates?

ANSWER: Please email the Club office at mhskate@telus.net to find out if there are any openings. If there are spots remaining, you can arrange to complete an in-person registration or over the phone if that is more convenient.  If there are no openings available at that time, we will add your Skater to our waiting list. Once the season is well underway and should a spot open up we can look at prorating the cost for classes missed.

QUESTION: What if a class is canceled?

ANSWER: All our programs are based on 20 (once a week) or 40 (twice a week) sessions except our STARSkate classes. 

This is stated on the registration form and it is that amount of sessions only that we charge for. We try and divide the 20 or 40 sessions into 10/20 before Christmas and 10/20 after Christmas. There is often more weeks throughout the season than we need, so very often when a class is canceled it will not be rescheduled as it does not affect the total sessions we guarantee and you paid for. However, on the odd occasion that it does affect the total sessions guaranteed, we will reschedule that specific class somewhere throughout the season.

Should a class get canceled you will receive an email from the Club office.

QUESTION: Where do I find the latest Club information or contact the Club?

ANSWER: Make sure that you are part of our Facebook group if you are not already. Just search for Medicine Hat Skating Club and you will find the Club quickly. We try very hard to share all the latest information on our group page. Any very important information will also be sent out via email and posted.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us via Facebook messenger, send an email to mhskate@telus.net or call the club office. Karla is very deligent to answer Facebook messages and emails although she is not in the Club office all the time.

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