CanSkate Champions Medal Program



Each skating club across the country sanctioned by Skate Canada has the opportunity to recognize 3 CanSkate level skaters in their club each skating season. This program honours the accomplishments and spirit of young skating stars as they progress through the CanSkate program.

There are 2 components to this medal program:

  1. Skate Canada CanSkater of the Year
    This medal recognizes a skater who demonstrates talent and passion for the sport of figure skating.
  2. Skate Canada CanSkate Champions
    Two ribbons are awarded to CanSkaters who demonstrate the qualities that embody the “Spirit of a Champion” – determination, discipline, perseverance, and a positive attitude.

Each Skate Canada skating club has the opportunity to award ONE medal and TWO ribbons to CanSkaters in their club.


Each skater must be eight years of age or under and currently enrolled in a CanSkate program.

Skate Canada CanSkater of the Year:

  • Talent and skill achievement coupled with passion for skating. These skaters will have the desire to continue and succeed in skating

Skate Canada CanSkate Champions:

  • “Spirit of a Champion” – demonstrate the values of determination, discipline, perseverance, and a positive attitude
  • Personal achievement or accomplishments. The skater embodies the qualities considered to be the essence of skating – commitment, perseverance and dedication.
  • Physical fitness. The skater pursues an active lifestyle off-ice, gaining the physical literacy needed to enhance their on-ice skating skills and abilities.


Club Medals:

Each club must establish a selection committee with a minimum of three people including one NCCP professional CanSkate coach. The selection committee must select three skaters based on the criteria outlined above and forward their names to Skate Canada.

The Selection Committee must submit the name of the club’s Skate Canada CanSkater of the Year to the Chair of their Section with a short paragraph explaining why they should be considered the Skate Canada CanSkater of the Year for their section.

Section CanSkater:

Each Skate Canada Section will select the winner from their respective Section. Each Section must submit the winner’s name and a short paragraph explaining why the skater should be chosen as the CanSkater of the Year to the Skate Canada National Office. Skate Canada representatives will determine which one of the 13 Section winners will be present at the Skate Canada Achievement Awards Gala.


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