2017-2018 Year End

Thank you to our Sponsors

Silver ($50.00) – Smith & Hersey Law Firm

Platinum ($100.00) – Performance Edge, Schwab & Co, Joanne Giesinger, EBT, Platinum Star

Lorna Decima Most Improved Skater Trophy – Mr. Decima

Bacon Smoothie Dogs

Kerri Mandel (Seacret Direct Independent Dealer)

CanSkater of the Year –sponsored by Bacon Smoothie Dogs Talent and skill achievement coupled with passion for skating. This skater will have the desire to continue and succeed in skating
Recipient: Aaralyn Scott

CanPowerSkater of the Year- sponsored by Bacon Smoothie Dogs Talent and skill achievement coupled with passion for skating. This skater will have the desire to continue and succeed in skating
Recipient: Traeh Hall

Program Assistant of the Year -Awarded to the Program Assistant who has demonstrated dedication and outstanding patience
Recipient: Euphoria Wallace, Mackenzie and Kailey Duchscherer

Cushion Award -This award goes to the skater that has had the best wipe outs and still got up and kept going!
Senior- Mackenzie Duchscherer    Junior- Sophie Alexander and Katelyn Lonson    Stargroup- Ally Gold

Hardest Worker Award-To the skater that demonstrates determination and a great attitude both on and off the ice
Senior- Brianna Jones    Junior- Addison Clark    Stargroup- Adelynn Prior


Most Improved Award -To the skater that never gives up and always tries their hardest
Senior- Kaylea Suderman    Junior- Emma Enslen and Kennedy Anhorn    Stargroup- Brie Kobley (missing)








Lorna Decima Most Improved Trophy – sponsored by Mr. Allen Decima
Chosen between our most improved skater winners, who have exhibited the desire to improve through testing and competition. That skaters name will be put on the trophy and they will get to display the trophy at their home until the Awards Banquet the next season.
Recipient: Kaylea Suderman

Most Star Tests Passed Award – To the skater that has passed the most tests this season
Recipient: Euphoria Wallace

Competitive Athlete of the Year- This is to the skater who has attended competitions and performed well at the highest level
Recipient: Kailey Duchscherer

StarSkate Athlete of the Year -This for the skater who has attended and performed well at the StarSkate level competitions
Recipient: Kaylea Suderman

Congeniality Award – The skater that is always kind and courteous to the coaches and skaters on and off the ice
Senior- Courtney Gill    Junior- Addison Clark    Stargroup- Kiana Maser (missing)

CHAT TV Award – To the skater that always has the latest and breaking news every day
Senior- Brianna Jones    Junior- Sophie Alexander    Stargroup- Skyla Ashton

Cheerleader Award – To the skater that always is encouraging others
Senior- Kendra Werts (missing)   Junior- Sarah Tieman    Stargroup- Muse Munson(missing)

Drama Queen Award – The skater who believes everything is a big deal
Senior- Euphoria Wallace    Junior- Katelyn Lonson    Stargroup- Kearra Moskal (missing)

Human Vulture Award – The skater that eats anything lying around
Senior- Kailey Duchscherer    Junior- Taylor Coroy (missing)    Stargroup- Sophia Frederick

Tortoise and the Hare Award – The skater who is always the last one out of the dressing room
Senior- Kaylea Suderman    Junior- Kennedy Anhorn    Stargroup- Simon Tieman

Lost and Found Award – The skater who is always losing or forgetting their stuff lying around
Senior- Jordan Funk    Junior- Emma Enslen    Stargroup-Oceane Laganiere (missing)

Hugs and Kisses Award – The skater who needs a boost of confidence and reminded of just how good they really are
Senior- Keeley Schnuth    Junior- Raegan Loddars    Stargroup- Sofia Frampton (missing)

Volunteer of the Year Award- sponsored by Kerri Mandel (Seacret) Chosen by the MHSC board to the parent who is always willing to get their hands dirty and lend a hand wherever needed
Recipient: Melanie Tieman

Patricia Parry Memorial Award- an individual, who shows respect for other skaters and coaches, exhibits spirit, dedication, determination or other favorable qualities, a positive role model for other athletes, an individual who volunteers their time, an individual who achieves balance within skating and in other areas of life
Recipient: Kailey Duchscherer

Gold Skater/s Presentation -This is to acknowledge skater’s dedication, preservation and hard work it took to get to this level
Jordan Funk – Interpretive (Double Gold)
Kailey Duchscherer – Freeskate and Couples Interpretive (Quint Gold)
Mackenzie Duchscherer – Freeskate, Dance and Couples Interpretive (Quint Gold)
Kaylea Suderman – Dance and Interpretive (Triple Gold)
Brianna Jones – Dance (Triple Gold)
Kaitlan Coyne – Interpretive (Single Gold)

Graduate Awards – This is presented to our graduating skaters.
Recipient: Brianna Jones

Coach Recognition – Thanks for believing in me when I was down and out. Thanks for trusting me when even I had my own doubts. Thanks for pushing me to emerge as a champion – coach; you are my ultimate source of inspiration
Thank you Coach: Micheline Metcalfe, Jordanne Gold, Kaitlan Coyne, Mackenzie Broydell, Brianna Jones, Justin Scott, Jason Duchscherer and Kent Hannah

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